Welcome to Homeopathic complaints!

Over the last couple of years I’ve noticed several people on www.badscience.net forums complaining to the Society of Homeopaths (SoH) about their members breaching SoH guidelines.  Rarely, if ever, does the SoH do anything about these breaches.

 This blog is an attempt to keep track of these complaints, so people can see the kinds of things homeopaths are up to and what, if anything, the SoH is doing about it.

 The aim is that a few of us will find a different homeopath each month up to some kind of naughtiness and will submit a complaint to SoH. We will then provide updates on what they’re doing about it.

I’m sure we’ll have plenty to keep us busy, but who know, perhaps over time it will encourage SoH to enfore their own rules a bit more stringently and may help the homeopaths keep their house in order.

Our first entry should be online before too long. Come back and check later!


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